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Every writer possesses the wisdom to create an ideal writing journey for themselves. As your writing coach, I will help you uncover the route that is best for you. If you are struggling in your writing journey, I can empathize—it took me ten years to publish my first book. I enjoy working with authors who have a personal story to tell, especially those who persevered and were transformed through hardship. However, it’s not the genre that defines the coaching relationship, but the journey to get you where you want to be. It would be my joy and privilege to provide you with a safe and encouraging space where you can explore your creativity and flourish as a writer.


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Is coaching right for you?
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Michelle's coaching style is direct and thoughtful, and working with her truly transformed my writing. She always asked probing questions that were designed to make me really think about my work. Michelle has been a terrific encourager who focused on ways to help me better understand what I was trying to accomplish. Under her leadership, I was able to complete my first children's book and for a first-time writer, this was incredibly exciting! 

--Anna Katherine 

Michelle is a compassionate coach with a direct style of delivery that gave me the perspective and encouragement I needed to persevere through many self-imposed roadblocks. She held me accountable to nurture myself and my writing while she held my heart through the struggle of achieving those goals. That’s a great coach!


I would be making a significant understatement by simply saying, "Michelle helped guide me to establish writing goals." She did so much more than that. She did guide me, but she also encouraged, inspired, clarified, and facilitated thoughtful conversations that led to fruitful, spirit-led, productive sessions laying a path in which to achieve my writing goals. My time spent with Michelle continues to reap benefits as I continue to apply tips and lessons that I gleaned from our time together.


I’ve always loved writing but didn’t really know in what direction I wanted to take it. Within just a few weeks, Michelle helped me identify my goals, my voice, and helped me grow in confidence as a writer and artist. I’m so grateful for the time I spent with Michelle. She helped me grow beyond what I ever thought I could!


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